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January 12, 2012
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MONSTERS MAIDENS and MAYHEM Digitally Painted by nathanscomicart MONSTERS MAIDENS and MAYHEM Digitally Painted by nathanscomicart
MONSTERS MAIDENS & MAYHEM Cover Digitally Painted – with lines by me and Digital Paints by the Amazing Hector Sevilla Lujan, AKA elsevilla on DeviantART. [link]

So here's the digitally painted version of the cover for my MONSTERS MAIDENS & MAYHEM sketchbook.:woohoo: This image seemed to have the best blend of Sci-Fi and "campy" fun to it. And for any of you B-movie buffs out there, yes:nod: this is a take on the poster-art from the 1954 movie "THEM!", but with a comic book twist.

I absolutely love the way this cover turned out, and was extremely fortunate to be able to work with Hector, AKA elsevilla and his amazing digital painting abilities on this piece. While he does Awesome Digital Painting Commission work, he usually doesn’t work with pre-existing line-art(was super lucky he made an exception this one time). He is strictly a Digital Painter, which made the collaboration process completely different and a lot of fun testing out what worked and what direction to go in as far as interpretation of styles. He put in a ton of extra work into this and it really shows.

So on top of getting to work with a Super Talented Artist, Hector was one of the coolest and friendliest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of collaborating with. He had also wanted to add a comment to the description for this piece on my DeviantART page, since it will not be featured on his “elsevilla” DeviantART page, mainly to avoid any confusion with his normal commission work.
“It was an honor and pleasure to be part of the book, especially with the cover which is always like the best seat in a theater. I was constantly nervous that I might ruin the line art. When painting other people’s art, its like a mine filed where you have to worry about each and every brushstroke. So thank you for taking a shot in the dark with my colors. All of that said, I had a lot of fun painting it.”
Hector Sevilla Lujan, AKA elsevilla on DeviantART. [link]

Working/collaborating with the right people can make all the difference in the world.:highfive: The cover along with a few more of the interior pages, will be digitally painted like this for their final versions. I hope you all enjoy this one as well.
:icongrin--plz: The original lines-[link] and a cool detail shot of the blonde in front [link]
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Suggester Said: "Wow, there is so much going on in this piece. Simply overwhelming!" MONSTERS MAIDENS and MAYHEM Digitally Painted by *nathanscomicart ( Suggested by little-billie and Featured by dust-bite )
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Its Them!
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Save the women!
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I love your art style! And would love to see your work in comics
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Beautiful art!
This is definitely going to my favorites.
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A bit of "Them", a bit of underdressed gals...a Fifties vibe...what is there not to like?
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This is brilliant!
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And I was glad to buy your sketch book. I love it.
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Wow this is wonderful!
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