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November 6, 2012
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TYRA - A typical Tyra Monday-Color by nathanscomicart TYRA - A typical Tyra Monday-Color by nathanscomicart
:iconnathanscomicart: & :iconvest:
Colored Commission for :iconquete-de-l-aube: of Tyra and some fun badguys.

TYRA - A typical Tyra Monday-Color -with lines by me and Digital Paints by the very talented and super cool :iconvest:

I had a great opportunity to do some commission work for the amazingly cool/friendly Marie and Fred :iconquete-de-l-aube: and their wonderful character Tyra, from "La Quête de l'Aube":clap: that I'm sure you've seen everywhere on DA. Was super excited to draw this awesome character and even more so to see it colored like this!

Marie emphasized that she wanted Tyra to be "overly curvy", so good times with that.;) Had a bit of a challenge because her body in this pick is so over the top(NSFW -used September Carrino for body ref/type).
Trying to mix her toned-features(i.e. her arms, abs, legs) with a fair amount of squishy goodness:O_o: and her giant boobs, her outfit, and make it all flow just right. Really happy with how this one turned out.

This was the 2nd of the 2 Tyra pieces I did, and definitely my favorite. For this one I had a lot more space to play with on the page, so I decided to go all out on the background. Monsters, waterfalls, jailbait water-elf...:-O
:rofl:Goooooood times. Basically, the cute elf in the back is magically summoning the 2 river demons to go after Tyra.
I like that it's just very lighthearted and fun. The 2 river demons come off as much more entertaining than menacing.:D

I absolutely love the water effects/colors Vest used on this one. I know I probably drove him nutty with wanting to have very little white, and primarily varying shades of blue for all the water, which you don't see used too often. There was a hell of a lot more painting/effort involved with it, but the final results are amazing! Kind of cool that you can see a little bit of Tyra's legs and her sword under the water with this effect.


A closeup shot of the cute Water-Elf =p [link]
Here are the original pencils as well. [link]:)
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Way pretty!
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Nice tits and face
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love her expression...and her bikini too lol
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Wish my Mondays were like that.
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I like how the gold has that shine.
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Ditto.:thumbsup: Think it helps to warm-up the whole piece.:)
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I love the water effect. It's amazing~ And the skin on her thighs. On the left one, you can see the skin speckles and I honestly just love this work to peices. :heart:
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